Raising Public Awareness: The Link between Vapes and Computer Hacking

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been expanding over the world in the past few years. Additionally, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of people converting from conventional cigarettes to Bargain E Juice. Although there is debate over the benefits of using e-cigarettes, critics have also highlighted its drawbacks. The ability to hack computers with vapes is among the most disturbing.

New Hacking Strategy: Not Something You Expect

Due to a surge of significant virtual attacks on various businesses worldwide, cybersecurity has taken a serious turn. People are shocked, however, by the idea that a little piece of e-cigarette can be used for hacking. Before learning about this issue, users were using their vaping devices without any worries.

Before this concern is unveiled, many people think that hackers would still use malware, phishing, ransomware and other conventional hacking techniques to hack into their devices. However, as more advanced technology is developed, hackers also become more creative and are now breaking into your security systems using inexpensive gadgets like e-cigarettes.

Vapes require charging much like other devices do. Since it can be charged with a USB cable, many users hooked it into ports on their computers. Security researchers warned that by doing so, users are exposing themselves to the risk of getting their computers hacked.

How Hackers get into your Computers through Vapes

Hackers only need to implant a tiny chip on that gadget to access your computer using a vape. This tiny chip turns the device into a virtual lock-pick that can open anything hackers set their eyes on. As soon as the vape is plugged in, the computer will detect it as a mouse or keyboard and disable its security system.

Hackers will use the vape to upload malicious code into the computer, telling it to download the required files. Your personal information could be stolen in this way without your knowledge.

Security experts warn vape users to be wary of strangers who asked to charge their devices through their computers. Even if there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, they could have already obtained all the personal data with malicious intent.

How to be Safe from Computer Hacking using Vapes

Like other viruses and malware that can attack your computer devices, being hacked via vapes can be avoided by updating security patches on your computer. Keep your devices locked when not in use and make sure to create a strong password.

You can also invest in any monitoring devices that will immediately alert the security experts in case someone tries to hack your computer using a modified vape. Always be wary of people trying to plug anything into your computer.

Closing Points

The ability to use a vape device whenever and wherever one chooses is one of its benefits. One of the benefits most valued by users is the convenience of charging a vape device anywhere. However, the rising concern of computer hacking through this device made some users stop charging through USB ports.

Though hacking is imminent in any modern device, hackers can still be kept at bay. Just avoid anybody trying to plug their vape into your computer. In addition, even if it seems unnecessary, update your security patches to help you wade off hackers coming your way.

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