Spying on Canadians by Ottawan Government Must Be Stopped

If you’ve ever done something that you don’t want the rest of the world to know about, you should be concerned. This is due to government officials collecting and analyzing citizens’ sensitive personal data on a large scale.

Spying agencies that are out of sight don’t bother if you’re a law-abiding citizen. They will still capture your information and keep it in massive databases that are susceptible to cyber thieves and fraudsters.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government is engaging in domestic spying on private individuals. They can use the data they collect to analyze everything from our personal connections to our religious values, political leanings, sexual orientation, financial position, and medical issues.

Intelligence services claim they do not spy on their own people, however, these claims have been debunked. The CBC recently reported how CSEC tracked Internet activity and followed the precise whereabouts of hundreds of law-abiding Canadian air travelers for months.

The government is exploiting a legal loophole to gain access to our personal information. Officials are supposed to acquire a warrant to request our information, but if a telecommunications company voluntarily passes over our info, they can circumvent the warrant process altogether.

It’s no wonder that both libertarian and right-leaning organizations are voicing up. After all, our privacy is about right and wrong, not just right and left.

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