Canada Has More Pressing Concerns to Address than Conspiracy Theories

According to a top WEF official, Canada should be discussing more vital issues than conspiracy theories regarding the organization. Adrian Monck contends that politicians who support such theories should consider whether they are promoting disinformation from harmful actors.
During the global COVID-19 outbreak, the WEF has become a favorite target for conspiracy believers. It started in 2020 after WEF creator and chairman Klaus Schwab released his personal opinion column pushing for something he dubbed “the big reset”.

Spying on Canadians by Ottawan Government Must Be Stopped

If you’ve ever done something that you don’t want the rest of the world to know about, you should be concerned. This is due to government officials collecting and analyzing citizens’ sensitive personal data on a large scale.
Spying agencies that are out of sight don’t bother if you’re a law-abiding citizen. They will still capture your information and keep it in massive databases that are susceptible to cyber thieves and fraudsters.
Unfortunately, the Canadian government is engaging in …

Deals Signed to Allow Telecoms Running Services during Outages

The major telecommunications firms in Canada have agreed on a binding contract that might mitigate the worst consequences of a catastrophic outage like the one that affected the Rogers infrastructure in July. The federal administration stated this last Wednesday.
The major carriers have pledged to support and aid their rivals during any foreseeable major network failures as part of the agreement. This deal allows customers to still make phone calls, access 911 rescue services, and undertake business transactions throughout outages.