Why Do Us Cybersecurity Companies Prefer Canada?

There are various reasons why US cybersecurity enterprises continue to invest in Canada.

Canada is now ranked sixth in the world for cyber private equity agreements and sixth in terms of cyber safety. Many multinational corporations are already realizing Canada’s capabilities as a cybersecurity powerhouse, and a large number of agreements and projects are being brought into the country from the United States.

Low operating costs, high-quality people, supportive R&D incentives, and access to worldwide markets all contribute to Canada’s booming cyber industry. For example, MasterCard just committed $510 million to a cybersecurity facility in Vancouver.

Over the last decade, the Canadian administration has been extremely vigilant in ensuring that the country stays a leading nation in cybersecurity.

To fulfill its strategic goals, it has created two national cyber policies as well as an NSA Plan since 2010. In addition, the national govt pledged $507 million to cybersecurity policies over the following five years in 2018.

With these resources and the activities they will support, Canada’s thriving cybersecurity sector will remain a global champion for the foreseeable future.

Cost competitiveness is a big draw for US companies. Because the average salary in the US and Canada is equal in local currency measures, the lower Canadian dollar keeps wages more reasonable.

Finally, with the cybersecurity market in Canada predicted to increase 66% by 2021, this country is a wonderful place for investors aiming to set up and operate essential cybersecurity protection services required for the future.

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